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About us

In June 1981, Pastor Gary Mitrik aquired the current facility. A small band of believers took possession of a fifty—six acre, two building campus that included a large auditorium, classrooms and dormitories.

Initially, the Bible School met as the GWO School of Ministry. In a matter of a few years, the first dean, Rev. Craig Schaefer, changed the format from evening classes to a more formal daily class setting. At this point, a two—year ministry program followed.

In 1988, Rev. Andrew P. Mitrik was inaugurated and several positive changes took place. The enrollment increased along with the number of dormitory residents, and a greater emphasis was placed on this area of ministry. As the School of Ministry received more attention, it began to produce better results. A third year was added to the program, giving more time and better focus for ministry training. At the time, it was known as the Ministerial Program.

As we seek the Lord's guidance for the next years of our training, we know that God has a new level for us to attain. Today, we are in a new era of ministry and thanking God for our successful ministry and training as well as looking to a bright and glorious future of service for Him. As you participate in this adventure, we pray that you will be faithful to your calling and our vision of preparing, training and equipping God's servants for a new generation of Christian service.